Digital Expense Management With MyExpenseZone

Expense management software that automates expenses, travel allowances and mileage logs, from purchase to reimbursed expense claims, with purpose built accounting rules.

Integrate MyExpenseZone with your existing accounting solution:

Expense management software you and your team will love

Transform your company’s expense process with a modern cloud-based expense management software and app. Log and manage all expenses within a single platform, which gives you the ability to manage expenses on the go. Through MyExpenseZone, you can submit expense reports to multiple systems, both accounting and payroll, enabling you to streamline old cumbersome processes.

The benefits of a digital automated process

Why Digitise Expense Management?

Automate and digitise administrative and time-consuming expense processes. Expense management shouldn’t be complicated, challenge old fashioned and inefficient processes with our real AI solution.


Simplify expense administration with a digital service that give you access to everything in one cloud based platform. Report and approve expenses anytime and anywhere.


With MyExpenseZone, there is no necessity to train employees. Our software guides you through the processes, which makes it impossible to make mistakes. Your finance team receives all the documentation coded and checked.


Our digital expense management software dramatically reduces the time needed for expense management By being able to report everything directly on your phone, employees can save 85% of the time it used to take.


Acheieve better control and auditing, which means fewer errors and less fraud. Your reimbursement and per diem policy is automatically complied with – no requirement for manual review.



Eve makes a purchase and recieves a receipt either digitally, in-hand or by email.



MyExpenseZone analyses the receipt and reports all the key detail. The expense is saved and processed.



The approver examines the expense report and can approve either in the app or on the web.



A completed and accurate expense report is sent through to the finance department for reimbursement.

Cloud based expense software

What should your expense management solution offer?

Manage expenses whenever it suits you with an expense management solution that is optimised for everyone in your company – the employee who reports expenses, the manager who approves expenses and the finance department that manage the accounting and reimbursement.

Expense management software on-the-go

Manage all types of receipts, card purchases, subsistence allowances, entertainment and mileage in one single solution, web and/or app based.

Automatic features

Packed with automatic features that streamlines the expense process for users. For example, automatic analysis of receipts.

Full flexibility

Adaptable with a broad ecosystem of integrations. MyExpenseZone will work seamlessly, regardless of which cards or accounting and payroll systems you use.

Room to grow

Easily add additional users as your company grows. If you have multiple companies MyExpenseZone makes light work of handling this within a single solution.

Automatic compliance with local accounting regulations

No need to manually calculate or keep track of accounting rules. Local country’s rules for allowance, mileage and entertainment are automatically updated.

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Meet the next generation of expense management

Business expense and mileage management

MyExpenseZone collates all employees’ expenses, allowances and mileage in one place, do it all on your phone or web browser.

Ensure your employees never risk missing a mileage expense again, as MyExpenseZone keeps track of employees’ business trips. Report, approve and reimburse from a single expense management software.

Accounting integrations

We offer a direct feed for your expense data to your existing accounting package. This helps remove the requirement for arduous file exporting and importing, saving your time and reducing the risk of data contamination.

Company card integration

Take expense management one step further by registering your company cards with MyExpenseZone. All purchases made with a registered card are automatically recorded with the correct exchange rate, then matched with the correct invoice.

Established expertise

We work with companies across every business sector and of every size. We harness the latest technologies to provide forward thinking Expense Technology.

Best in business

We help businesses work smarter and achieve more, by streamlining the expense management process with an efficient solution to all business expenses.

A new approach for a new era

Expense management is increasingly challenging and complicated. What’s needed is agility, a way of getting things done quickly, easily and more productively.


Capitalising on the advantages of modern cloud computing, we have built a system that is straightforward to manage and remarkably cost effective

Why choose Expense Management Automation?

For companies, an automated and digital expense management process can mean huge savings in time and money. Using a manual process, most employees spend an hour a month managing their business and travel expenses.

On average it takes your employees 55 minutes to manage expenses manually a month. When you use expense management software this is reduced down to just 8 minutes a month.


41% of all business travellers spend over 60 minutes a month on their travel expenses.


50% of all employees regularly lose their receipts.


70% still use a completely manual process - It's time to get ahead of your competition

Frequently asked questions about MyExpenseZone expense management software

What is expense management software?

Employees can manage and report their business expenses using expense management software. Finance teams also use it for managing reimbursements, expense reports, and travel requests. Automated expense management software streamlines every aspect of expense management to minimise the risks associated with traditional expense management methods. An organization can receive and process travel expense reports from its employees. Furthermore, these expense reports are also checked for policy violations before reimbursement. While the basic elements of expense management remain the same, the elimination of manual submission and checks makes a significant difference to all involved.

How can I make an expense report easier?

  1. Choose a expense management software
  2. Choose an expense software that allows you to edit standard columns and adapt your expense report template.
  3. Add itemised expenses i.e fuel, entertainment.
  4. Automatically total expense costs.
  5. Attach receipts digitally.
  6. Send report digitally, with automatic checks.

How do you keep track of business expenses on spreadsheet?

Creating your own spreadsheet from scratch will involve manually keeping track of every expense that you or any employees within your organisation make. This option works if you prefer a low-tech approach.

Modernise your approach to expense management with expense management software, which will transform your expense management process making it much more efficient and convenient for all involved.

What is the best software for expenses?

There are various cloud-based solutions that help businesses of all sizes in any industry manage there business expenses. MyExpenseZone stands out amongst the rest as the next generation of expense management, with features that suit both large and small organisations and anything in-between.

MyExpenseZone is easy to use, well designed and able to integrate with your existing accounting and payroll solutions. A solution that does it all.


What is the best app for expense reports?

Look for an app that is available on both the App Store and Play Store, downloadable from any device. The best expense app is suitable for small businesses and able to scale up for larger organisations. An expense management app will be able to eliminate the need for physical receipts, these should be digitised through a receipt scanner.

The best app will be able to integrate with your accounting and payroll software to provide a seamless process. Take a look at the best expense management app on the market > step into the future