Achieve better visibility with system integration

At MyExpenseZone, we believe in making it as easy as possible for our customers to connect their different software systems allowing you to achieve a timely, accurate and comprehensive financial picture for better reporting.

Direct feed integration

Simplify expense management further by registering your company cards with MyExpenseZone. All purchases made with a registered card are automatically recorded by our service.

Expenses are automatically matched against card invoices with the correct exchange rate.


Secure integration

Your integrations won’t be handled by third parties. Integrations are pulled directly from card providers and projected in MyExpenseZone. This means your sensitive financial data is protected at all time.

Keep everything in one secure location.



Increase efficiency

Reduce the time it takes to fetch corporate card feeds. With direct integration, transactions are recorded into MyExpenseZone faster.

Reduce the amount of time you manage expenses by up to 85%.


Automatic matching and reconciliation

True end-to-end expense management

Leave manually digitising receipts in the past. Allow MyExpenseZone to fetch your corporate card statements, and list all the unexpensed transactions for you to review and either reconcile or exclude. You can also set up your card purchases to automatically be collected and matched against card invoices.

Easy integration with private and business cards.

All purchases are collected automatically in MyExpenseZone, choose which purchases are to be reported as expense.

Transactions are retrieved in real time.

Automatic matching against card invoice.

Achieve better visibility and efficiency

Agile report editing is built into MyExpenseZone, giving you complete control over your expense process. Achieve an overview and understand the the status of reports as an employee or employer.

Got a lot on your plate? Built-in automatic reminders alleviate the burden of sending reminders and aids the efficient management of expenses.

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41% of all business travellers spend over 60 minutes a month on their travel expenses.


50% of all employees regularly lose their receipts.


70% still use a completely manual process - It's time to get ahead of your competition